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This site offers my most recent projects as well as a list of useful resources. Learn C#, MVC, ASP.NET, LINQ, Lambda, SQL, JQuery, Javascript and much more. It contains source code to problems I run across every day. Thank you for visiting.

Latest Websites

  • RinnovoSpaSalon.com

    Website created in MVC. Code First development with EntityFramework 5, LINQ.

  • Sony RLS

    This website took a team of six people to complete in a very tight deadline. These screen shots represent all of the pages I developed for the website. If you go to the site using the link above you will have to register to see the whole thing.

  • Microsoft WMT

    I was the only developer on this site. It's a subset of WMT called Face to Face. Windows mobile sales personal use the site to exchange pictures and get to know the other sales reps across the world.

  • GRKV of Vancouver

    Developed this website for a local karate jodo. Very simple elegent design. The client decided not to the use the design. Since I put in a great amount of time in this I wanted to at least put it on my site.

  • GoForPod.com

    I cleaned up the HTML on this site. All of the product pages had major HTML problems.

  • AEEngineering

    I developed this little web app for an engineering company. It's for a sales demo. Basically a user can upload images, fill in description and save it.

  • Elmers Flag

    I worked on this website long ago. Back when ASP 3.0 was the latest and greatest.